PuraVerde Innovation and Technology

Nano Emulsion Technology:
Taking Cannabis to New Highs.

Not your average edible. PuraVerde’s R&D lab has perfected a Nano Emulsion technology that allows THC molecules immediate absorption through the red blood cell membrane and adds a boost of up to 50% more absorption rate.

Faster Effects

Increased Absorption

Efficient Production

PuraVerde is taking cannabis to new highs through innovative technology.

100x Your Cannabis with Synthetic Cannabinoids

The PuraVerde R&D lab is always developing new ways to shape the future of cannabis. While CBD and THC are nearly chemically identical, PuraVerde’s team found a way to alter the chromosome in CBD and transform it into THC.

Using different gases, PuraVerde can produce new molecules that have never been made before.

Like HHC and THCO which are 10x and 100x more potent.Increased potency and possibilities for cannabis.